it seemed like a good idea at the time

you said yes, so here it is folks:

i’m not a writer, in fact, i’m not even a good communicator. so just lower your expectations right now.

time and time again i get asked… ‘how did you start? how are you doing it? how do you get work? how do i find my niché? how do i compete? am i doing it right? how do i get noticed?!  often they start off asking about me. quickly i become more of a sounding board or sympathetic ear for the big questions they are struggling with.

i don’t know, maybe my path as a freelance photographer can help you find yours or maybe… i can just help you ask better questions of yourself.

speaking of- here is my first question: why are you working so hard in life to ‘just be you’ to embrace your jean size, your boob size, your scars… but you are comparing your WORK to every instagrammer on IG?



1- i am a photographer. a freelance photographer. perhaps you’ve gathered. yes, i actually make money at it.

2- i’m a chick. a small, blonde, late thirties, childless crazy… fly by the seat of my pants, chick.

3- i’ve been in business since 2000

4- i love gear.

5- i am unorganized, unmotivated, and typically a mess of a human.

6- i do not view myself as an artist. in fact i usually struggle with photography being considered “FINE ART” (yeah, i know)

7- everyday i wonder… why in the hell does someone want to sit in front of my lens and give me money.

8- i think the majority of my images are absolute sh**.

9- tomorrow i will think differently.



6 thoughts on “it seemed like a good idea at the time

  1. I always loved what you did in high school art class when I sat next to you. Even then it seemed you never thought it was good enough. Girl you got it. You had it then & you have it now & you keep improving. I’m very proud to know you especially since this proves even more how great of a person you are. You are helping others follow their dreams just as you did…


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