on finding your tribe…



this can be a difficult task, but it’s necessary. i repeat: it is necessary.


just like with most things… you surely can do them alone, but it’s oh so much better when you have a +1 or in my case a +2. you need to find your tribe. your people. your village. sure sure friends family all that is fantastic, but i am talking about your working tribe. then *fingers crossed* they become your friends.

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i met miss J first. i found her on *cough* model mayhem. she’s the brilliant designer behind Stone Crow Designs. from the first second i met her… i knew we had something. we did a few things together and they turned out amazing!!!




it was around the time that i shot with a model named Faith and she brought her very own MUA (make up artist) and it was absolutely love at first site of Miss K. we cranked out this little session in no time


then spent a lot of time talking about how we all would like to move in a much more edgy direction with our style. that sealed the deal for me with Miss K.

I am not exactly sure when Miss K and Miss J met, I think it was a little party on the roof of our apt in cap hill. it was electric. well i thought it was. i had finally found my tribe. two women who i could start really exploring my creativity as a photographer. we’ve been working together ever since. our relationship along with our styles have evolved over these years and i can honestly say i am infinitely better as a photographer and as a woman for having them in my life. we work in all different combinations sometimes with other photographers, sometimes with other MUA’s, sometimes other designers… hell, Miss K has taught me a little mu artistry and she’s also become an amazing photographer, check her out here! we often shoot side by side. aside from being a designer, Miss J… has styled shoots with some pretty famous photogs.

no matter what our roles are, when we join forces… i believe we have a strength to our images that is unmatched. the key to that (i think) is the freedom of experimentation. we rest in the fact that we are all amazing at what our jobs, i never have to worry about what the outcome will be, i know for a fact that we will walk away with a least one spectacular image from the session. every single time, it is truly a COLLABORATION.

we’ve managed to keep expanding our tribe, models, photographers, mua’s and designers. in the coming blogs i’ll introduce many many of those very important people in my life, but for starters.. you should know Miss J and Miss K. they are my photographic life force.

if you didn’t get it by now, the first picture is us, one night our model didn’t show, so we opened a bottle of wine and took picture, what else would we have done?! side note: we have many names for our little triad, but the one that we love the most: “Nasty JAK.”  i cannot remember where the ‘nasty’ part came from. 😉

I’ll leave you with this question: do you have a tribe of people who you feel free to just play at your craft? sharpening each other… challenging each other as artists?

ps- here are two of our collaborations.


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