ADHD!!!!! and the monotony of editing.

“you are a photographer?! that’s so cool! it must be such an amazing job!!”

yeaaaaaaa….. sometimes. the majority of the time, i sit right here. on this computer. EDITING until my eyes BLEED.

sitting here in my pjs at noon on a thursday…with my cold cup of coffee, half eaten omelette, all sorts of xhd’s…card reader… cords … envelopes with notes i’ve jotted down about this and that, my phone that’s notifying me every 30sec of something and a bra i guess i took off at some point yesterday because i found it oppressive…

this part, isn’t “cool.”  the thing is, if you are a full time photographer… chances are you totally get this! perhaps this is what your desk looks like too. please tell me i’m not alone in this. how do you handle it?

today, i want to run away. i have project after project to get done and clients waiting. the pressure i put on myself is a little intense. i guess that goes with any job. what They don’t seem to tell you about is the physicality of this job. my hand, arm and shoulder ache all the time just from editing. (i know, i know, have someone else do it…. i can’t, i’m a control freak.) my body… hurts from shooting… i always joke about shooting a wedding that it’s actually just a full day of doing squats.

They also don’t tell you how lonely it is. so you listen to music, you watch movies, you take breaks, you talk to your dog while you wait for things to render. you get lost on the interwebs…  all and all it’s just lonely.  then you start looking at other photographers… you know, just to see what’s going on with them, maybe it’s their edit day too and you will chat for bit. however, you dont get that far, you just start looking at their AMAZING work and see all the great jobs their are getting. the work that they are doing and you switch back to your editing. UGH why isn’t my work as good as theirs???!!!!! the downward spiral begins.

my adhd doesn’t like this part of the job, at all. i wish i were out in nature today. maybe i can go tomorrow, heh, who am i kidding. instead i should bathe while i want for this batch to render out.